The unframed line drawings by Francesca DeComyn have been produced in limited editions of 25 signed and numbered prints. Each has with a light grey coloured mount and information regarding the plaque. They measure 8" x 10" with the mount.

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Limited Edition of Print No. 19b – Roof Collapse

This is one of a pair of prints: 19a and 19b

This Limited Edition Print depicts a miner lying unconscious on the other side of a roof collapse; his fate lay in the hands of his fellow miners or the local Mines Rescue Brigade. They would attempt to remove the fallen rock and support the roof to reach him.

The bronze plaques 19a and 19b were sponsored by Leicestershire, Warwickshire, South Derbyshire & Kent Mining Groups and the Northwest Miners Heritage Association.

Information about the artist, Francesca DeComyn can be found here:

Limited Edition Prints – Chase Arts For Public Spaces (CHAPS)