Chase Arts For Public Spaces

Crafting Legacy Through Public Art

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Who Are CHAPS?

We are a group of local volunteers working together to commission, promote and support works of public art for the benefit of the Cannock Chase community and its visitors. The art works celebrate the area's heritage and natural environment as well as encouraging community spirit and fostering a sense of place.

Learn about our projects and the impact we've made locally and nationally in commemorating the past while enriching the present and looking towards the future.

Our Commitments

We ...
All volunteer our time, talent & enthusiasm
Are committed to our cause
Champion quality arts and creativity
Embrace all mediums of public art [visual, performing and digital]
Enhance and promote the identity of Cannock Chase
Empower others to achieve their own public art projects
Collaborate with artists, organisations and businesses
Are inspired by our past, present and excited about our future.
In order to ...
Instil a sense of pride and community ownership.
Inspire community participation
Provide a sense of belonging
Connect our communities to wider opportunities
Benefit those who wish to reminisce, remember and reflect.
Place a value on the power of art and creativity.
Celebrate our rich heritage and outstanding natural surroundings.
Shape our urban and rural environment.

“Art and tribute intertwine as CHAPS honours our vibrant heritage”

We have worked with ...

County & District Councils

Parish & Town Councils

Historical Societies

Other Cannock Chase Groups