The Story of the Plaques

Mixed Media
September 2023 National Memorial Arboretum

This insightful recording tells the story behind each of the twenty five bronze plaques featured within the National Miners’ Memorial (NMM), located at the National Memorial Arboretum (NMA) in Alrewas, Staffordshire.

Memorial visitors can follow this story using a mobile device via a QR code, available on its site. Start your journey through time with the first plaque located top left on its front face.

The story commemorates the men, women and children who worked in the UK coal mining industry over hundreds of years. It highlights the challenges, significant contributions and sacrifices made to fuel our nation and the role of miners who gave their stamina and skills and for many, their lives as ‘tunnellers’ during World War 1.

Written by CHAPS committee member Len Prince, it is told by former miners and CHAPS committee members Len Prince and Alex Smith; Colonel Richard Hawkins from the Royal Engineers; Historian, Brian Elliott; CHAPS President Mike Mellor and Ian Dudson CBE, K St J, the Lord Lieutenant of Staffordshire. The commentary is accompanied by individual images of each plaque.

This recording will ensure that the messages conveyed by the NMM will be preserved for future generations by educating, raising awareness and understanding to its wide and diverse visitors.

We hope you enjoy visiting these works of art and do so safely and respectfully. Please understand that you visit and study them at your own risk – making sure that you take all necessary precautions


National Memorial Arboretum